The complete processing line for soybeans has been designed on the base of non-chemical technology for SOY OIL and SOY MEAL production. It’s easy and effective as you can process up to 20 tons of soybeans per day.



SOY MEAL also known as SOY OIL CAKE (with oil content of 7…8%)


soybeans or dehulled soy

The processing line copes with the following processes: soybeans dehulling or decortication, soy grinding, mixing and heating up due to high pressure, high shear and temperature, decreasing of trypsin inhibitor and urease activity, pressing out the oil from the full fat soy


  • it increases the final product cost in comparison with soybeans
  • you get a high-quality vegetable oil with NO SOLVENTS
  • you get a high-quality soy meal (press cake)
  • the level of anti-nutrients is reduced and the final products are safe for livestock diets
  • fast payback (8 -10 month)