The extruder with preconditioner is designed for production of:

  • high quality full-fat soybean meal and grain extrudates


  • Preconditioning is an important stage in technological process; its purpose is moisturizing and heating of ground soybeans by hot dry steam with pressure of 0.2-0.5 MPa and a temperature of 110-130 ° C. Under this influence raw material is softened and heated to 65-75 °C. The usage of steam-conditioning for raw material, increases the production capacity of extruder, improves the quality of full-fat soybean meal and reduces the wear of the working parts of the extruder for about 20%
  • energy consumption is reduced: thanks to additional part of energy we’ve got with the steam, energy consumption is double decreased
  • high quality of final products
  • low level of urease in extruded soy to 0.1-0.2 pH
  • low level of anti-nutritional soy factors such as trypsin inhibitors to 10-15%
  • the digestibility of soy protein is increased


soybeans, corn, wheat and other grain crops, preliminary crushed in a hammer mill